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vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 22:35]

great shot for a moving photo. jsut think what you could have done if.... haha. good job.

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 22:30] [comment]

welcome to TN beautiful photo. great dov great pov. i love this photo it needs to be on a post card or calender. keep posting and thanks for shareing. vince

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 22:26]

i love shots like this. the only thing i would have done differently would have been aoolowed more water into the foreground. it not only gives reflection of the color but makes it more iteresting to me. great shot. vince

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 22:23]

as a fairly newby myself i would like to welcome you as well. the color is great but try a little more dov by closeing your fstop or aperature to a higher number. you shot at f/4.6 try maybe an f/8. focus on the middle. you may all ready know this stuff. keep posting. vince

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 12:40]

it is cute though. needs to be on a humurous card.

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 12:37]

if you would have moved up alittle and lost the highway it waould have been an even better shot. great dov and pov

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 12:25]

wonder how it would have looked if the meter was taken on the sky above the ice and then stopped down one or two stops. great backlighting. vince

vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 12:21] [+]

good shot. did you by chance take any with a slower shutter speed to make the water look more misty? great angle vince

Title: sunset
sunset (2)
shahin (24)


vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 12:07] [comment]

great shot. the way the tree seems to be holding the cloud it leads your eye right to the colud. vince

Title: Dunas
Dunas (10)
Ahdez (58)


vinhav (24) [2007-04-08 11:59]

the stand alone herb is great but the pattern in the sand is what caught my attention. if the lighting would have been higher in the sky the whole mood would be different. great job vince