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Oleg KuznetsovNome: Oleg Kuznetsov
País: Bulgária
Introdução: Hi!
My name is Oleg.
I always was interested in photo and after long consideration and tries with somebody's else cameras I decided to buy my own. It is Sony H2 and I may say that as an amateur I am very pleased with it.
I got to know about Trekearth couple of months ago and I like it very much. And it's great that there are other Treks like Treklens and Treknature.
So, part of my one year's result I posted not only here but on Trekearth and Treklens as well. I'll be very grateful to receive you coments on it.
I would like to add that I find this site as a great place to post pictures of the nature that I have had the chance to capture. And I understand that sometimes they have doubtful artistic value.
Good luck,
Oleg Kuznetsov
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